On a biennial basis, we use a third party to help research, analyze and asses the key topics affecting the food industry, and simultaneously engage with stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization to help determine the topics’ overall significance and priority within our sustainability report. Our stakeholders include our employees, customers, consumers, investors, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and communities. Internally, this assessment is reviewed and approved by the Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Council and the executive-level Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee. For this report, we analyzed the topics according to the aspects of GRI’s G4 Framework.

The following summarizes the topics of interest for our stakeholders regarding our corporate responsibility reporting based on our feedback and analysis process.

Topic Description More Information
Animal welfare (i.e., standards, audits, sow housing and antibiotics) How we ensure the proper treatment of animals at company-owned farms and by our suppliers Animal welfare
Bisphenol A (BPA) Compliance with the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s listing for all of our FDA-regulated retail products Products
Bribery and anticorruption How we ensure an ethically sound culture About Hormel Foods
Conflict minerals Compliance with the SEC Rule on Conflict Minerals Products
Diversity and inclusion Our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment People
Employee satisfaction and trends (i.e., employee demographics, turnover rate, training, compensation and benefits) How we attract and retain our employees People
Food safety How we ensure food safety and quality Products
Food waste How we minimize food waste Environment and Products
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) About the use of genetically modified food ingredients Products
Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) How we reduce greenhouse gas emissions Environment
Hazardous waste About our waste handling practices Environment
Hunger relief How we help with hunger relief efforts Communities
Lobbying disclosure and political contributions About our legislative affairs About Hormel Foods
Nutrition and wellness About our nutrition and wellness initiatives Products
Occupational health and safety How we ensure a safe work environment People
Palm oil sourcing Our palm oil sourcing commitments About Hormel Foods
Philanthropy (i.e., volunteerism and donations) How we give back to communities Communities
Product labeling and communications How we ensure the accuracy of information about our products Products
Solid waste How we reduce solid waste sent to landfills Environment
Supply chain management (i.e., principles, assessments and supplier diversity) About our supply chain and our expectations of suppliers About Hormel Foods
Corporate responsibility governance About our corporate responsibility structure About Hormel Foods
Water How we reduce water usage Environment
Workers’ and human rights How we respect the rights of all workers People