Jennie-O Turkey Store follows the animal welfare guidelines from the National Turkey Federation and the Global Food Safety Initiative guidelines for food safety as the auditing criteria for our hatcheries, grower farms and processing plants, and we are proud to consistently score in the highest category.

In 2015, 575 internal audits were conducted by the Jennie-O Turkey Store live production quality assurance department, as well as 39 production National Turkey Federation audits by live production managers and supervisors.

Daily internal audits in our processing facilities conducted by quality assurance and operations personnel help us maintain the highest animal care practices. In 2015, four external audits were performed by outside auditors in our processing facilities. Internally, we participated in eight formal audits, and 98 audits were conducted by company management at our processing facilities on an unannounced, random basis.

In 2015, we did not receive any noncompliance records for laws and regulations and voluntary standards related to transportation, handling and slaughtering practices.

To learn about animal welfare for turkeys at Hormel Foods, visit the animal welfare section of our corporate site.