At Hormel Foods, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where employees are engaged in our sustainability initiatives.

GReen Our Way (GROW) is an internal team, started in 2010, that aims to assemble and evaluate sustainability metrics, increase awareness with education and events, and improve sustainability at our Corporate Office campus (Austin, Minn.). In 2015, the team successfully implemented a number of projects including:

Green Our Way

Beat the Peak Week:

The Beat the Peak Week aimed to increase awareness of peak alerts and electrical usage at the corporate campus. The final event during Beat the Peak Week was Lights Out Day on June 5 in which employees were asked to reduce their electrical usage by limiting non-essential lighting and equipment.

Beat the Peak

Water Monitoring Challenge:

Each year, the Water Environment Federation promotes an annual Water Monitoring Challenge. The event focuses on understanding and measuring water quality parameters in local waterways. In September, members of the GROW team and a Boy Scout troop participated in the challenge by collecting samples and then testing each sample for temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen.

water monitoring

Lunch and Learns:

Throughout the year, the team organized and hosted several lunch and learn opportunities for employees on environmental topics.

Lunch and Learns

Recycling Initiatives:

The team held denim and athletic shoe recycling drives for employees. The denim was donated to an organization that recycles denim into insulation, and therefore keeps textile waste out of landfills and helps with building efforts in communities around the country. The shoes were donated to a company that grinds down worn out athletic shoes and turns them into surfaces such as running tracks.