2015 Progress

In 2015, we continued to make progress toward our energy reduction goal, resulting in reduced energy use exceeding 114,000 MMBtu. When combined with our results since 2012, this fulfills 61 percent of our target of 692,000 MMBtu by 2020. Normalized direct energy (MMBtu/sales tonnage) in 2015 was 1.68 and normalized indirect energy (kWh/sales tonnage) in 2015 was 295, both improved from the prior year levels. We are currently on pace to achieve our 2020 goal.

We match a portion of the electricity used to prepare and package Hormel® Natural Choice® deli meats at our Osceola (Iowa) Food location with renewable energy certificates. More information about this initiative will be included in our 2016 report.

Recent Projects

To reduce energy consumption:

Our Farmer John (Vernon, Calif.) team focused on energy savings by implementing hybrid refrigeration and energy-efficient lighting projects. The team conducted a complete review of all procedures to determine where the energy savings projects could be implemented. One solution implemented involved the installation of LED lighting. Testing was conducted to ensure bulb longevity and luminosity levels would meet or exceed plant requirements. Combined, the projects resulted in a savings of more than 1.75 million kWh of electricity and 3,000 MMBtu of natural gas.

Energy Conservation

Our Dold Foods (Wichita, Kan.) team was able to save more than 4,000 MMBtu in 2015 by tuning equipment and educating employees about natural gas costs and their impact on overall usage.

Energy Reduction

By installing LED lighting on the exterior of the Beloit (Wis.) Plant facility and in the parking lot, the team was able to save more than 32,000 kWh of electricity.

Energy Reduced