We continue to diversify our portfolio of products to offer consumers a wide range of options to meet their needs. Keeping the health and safety of consumers as our number one priority, we work across multiple departments to deliver a comprehensive approach to every product, allowing for an expanded portfolio of brands to reflect the taste, trends and efficiency consumers look for in their favorite foods. We are continuing to maintain our goal to reduce sodium levels in select products within our branded retail portfolio by an average of 15 percent by 2020. Additionally, in 2015 Hormel Foods acquired Applegate Farms, LLC, which has allowed us to offer a new line of products to meet the growing demand for natural and organic foods.

More information about our products can be found on HormelFoods.com.
Cancer Nutrition Consortium

Our Specialty Foods group focuses on health and nutrition using three strategic pillars: performance nutrition, activity nutrition and recovery nutrition. In 2014, we initiated a partnership with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC) to develop a line of food and beverage products designed to support the nutrition needs of patients recovering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In 2015, we launched Hormel Vital Cuisine™ high-protein shakes and whey powders and made them available directly to consumers for home delivery at www.homecarenutrition.com/vital-cuisine. A line of Hormel Vital Cuisine™ meals will be launched in 2016.

Hormel Foods gives a portion of all Hormel Vital Cuisine™ brand sales to the CNC. The mission of the CNC is to improve cancer patients’ quality of life by raising awareness about their experiences with food, taste and nutrition during cancer treatment. For additional information, visit www.homecarenutrition.com/vital-cuisine.